A duo that sounds like an Orchestra

This duo is a meeting point between the warmth and immediacy of the Folk music of the world and the elegance and freedom of Jazz.
Many musical traditions claim the accordion and the violin as their own instruments, from the Argentinian tango to the Brazilian chorro, to the French musette to our Italian roots. We "play" with all of them, bringing the viewer into a pleasant journey through traditional songs, original compositions and music by such authors as Richard Galliano, Astor Piazzolla, Dominguinhos.

In 2019 we've had a European tour featuring events in Berlin, Munich, Lyon, Paris. We held various concerts too in venues and festivals around Italy (at the Turin "Jazz Club", among others), and we played live for Drama shows with very well known actors (Anna Maria Guarnieri, Matthias Martelli).

Matteo Castellan, accordionist, pianist and composer born 1973, has worked in Italy and abroad (U.K., France, Spain, Germany, Greece...), with many important artists like Giampaolo Casati, Giorgio LiCalzi, Matthias Martelli, Guido Catalano and is the leader of "Orchestra da Tre Soldi", an astonishing group winner of the Best Jazz Italy 2008.

Giulia Subba, born 1993, has studied classical music to the highest degree with Yulia Berinskaya and she plays with important orchestras around the world, like Turin Philarmonic Orchestra and Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana, touring in China, Argentina, India. She played also with big names of the Jazz scene, like Richard Galliano.